​The Believers. 

This is an appreciation post. 

Tarkwa Bay Fisherboys. 

To the ones who would shout, “Evelyn has to be the one taking the pictures, give her your phone”

The Amadosi.

To the ones who would pose and smile after pleading with them…

Sisi Esosa.

To the ones who don’t feel ridiculous while I try to figure out the best angle while using a phone camera…

Asake, Mother of Akanke.

To the people who actually like the pictures and repost the pictures… 


To God Almighty for this gift… 

“A Sunset is the testimony that you made it through another day” -Akanke

I say thank you. I am humbled and I promise to become better. When I finally get a camera, discounted shoots all around, DISCOUNTED. 


No Me, Without You.

love, Akanke. 


Saturday Waka. 

The Dental Centre, Dugbe.

I was going to drop my dad off at a bus park but we had to make a quick stop at the ATM machine, so I waited for him in the car. I let my eyes wander, then I realized I had never seen Dugbe so empty, I enjoyed looking around. I didn’t stay for long so I couldn’t take a lot of pictures. It was nice to see the business district without the business. 

The Mokola Bridge, Mokola.

On my way back home, for some reasons unknown, for the first time ever, there was heavy traffic on the bridge. I have always tried to steal a glance at the brown roofs while crossing the bridge but I had the chance to actually look and see from up there, It was pretty cool. But my darling phone couldn’t capture what I saw, sadly. I took a picture of the bridge anyway. 

Baby Bun

When I got home, after eating akara and pap, my baby sister settled down to give me her weekly report, a fully detailed account of the happenings at her school in the past week. Those reports are usually hilarious, but her tiny bun made me laugh more. I was so distracted by the bun, I didn’t know when I took out my phone to take a picture, she looked back shortly after this picture was taken and shouted,  “ugh! You are not even listening!  You are always taking pictures!”

Good Bad Girl

Ayyy. There is a lot to be said, a lot more to be done and too much still up in my head, a serious mess. 

So here is the thing, I have come to a conclusion after some tossing around, I have to be a GOOD BAD GIRL to do the things that I do. Haha, you might ask, what bad things can she afford to do?  Ah no, I won’t list them(maybe someday in my future), humans are hypocrites by nature. 

So pushing that aside! You won’t believe what I did, haha. I deleted all the applications on my phone, err well basically all.  I am left with whatsapp because my life might as well on that beautiful IM. Having just that on my phone makes me feel disconnected but also free. 

I am not compelled to pick up my phone every other minute to check for an update, a message or what not. I stopped checking “trending topics” and I am totally fine (although I am itching to see what TwitterNG has to say about the President and His Wife, or what they said about Mr Donald Trump’s weird comments). But I am actually surviving, I miss it a bit though, I have been able to complete tasks, a lot of tasks, I have read more, talked and listened to the people around me and that is very cool. 

HAHA, I just read through this post and it is a mess, bare with me. 

Hi. Bye.

oh Lovelies, I have been away for way too long, this year has been one kind, a sister doesn’t even own a phone anymore. haha.

Ha yes! I have businesses growing steadily and it is so exciting to have these beautiful projects in the works. The projects have taken up all my time and it feels very good, well except for the fact that I have no time for myself or blogging.

My baby girl and I have something really hot for my beautiful African Ladies of all shape and sizes, I would fully introduce these amazingly beautiful products when they are ready for sale, we would be able to ship worldwide too.

I also have this very nice Phone and Personal Computer Application coming out very soon. it would be available for use in Ibadan city by January, I would also let you know how it can be downloaded when it is fully ready.

This post is really to let you know that all yopu need to do is to “Take That Step”. You have an idea, you think you cant make it on your own, talk to someone, You can never know who has similar dreams as you, You dont know how things are going to play out until you start “playing”.

(I just found this in my drafts, can’t remember when I wrote it, but hey, I hope you had a good read.) 


January, oh January.

The sunset is a testimony; you made it through a day again.

Just the other day, I tweeted, “if I can make it out of January, then i got this year under control” a lot of my followers totally agreed, so I know I am not alone.
Ayee, a lot has happened this month ehn. My Nigeria people can even testify. Our economy is at it’s worst, the exchange rate is alarming, yo!
Our weather seems to have taken cue from the economy, we have had two harmattan seasons and one rainy season in just one month, it is harsh to the skin, the changes are far too swift.

Personally, I have gone through some changes since last time I wrote. Earlier In the month, my best friend was in Nigeria and we had an amazing time. I learnt a lot from him and his family (they are totally amazing ) they helped me through a lot of emotional stress and made me understand so many things.

I learnt that every human has a cerain path ahead. Do not look at the people ahead of you to guide your own path. Discover your own path, learn your goal and let that guide you.
I also learnt that you can’t use “someone else’s clock to tell your own time”(haha, trust me, it sounds a lot more appealing in Yoruba language)
I dealt with my parents with wisdom, I had a meltdown after. Lol. But I am fine now and I am ready to take on the year with a new perspective. I know I promised this wouldn’t be a personal blog but it is slowly turning into one(forgive me)

Ha, yes! I wanted to tell you I started reading African literature. And they are amazing!!!! You should try some, actually. Check out m.box.com, it is indeed a pot of gold, “literally “. all kinds of great books are there ready for download, pretty cool, yeah?

February looks very very promising, my head is very well in the game and I am ready to get a hold on my life and forge ahead. I told you, we would make it through 😉

Have a lovely weekend. And to my readers across the Atlantic, I wish you warmth and I pray God protects you from the Great mighty blizzard and the things that accompany it. :*

A Second Chance; a reason to hold on.

I know I can not keep apologizing for my negligence, i am so on/off with my blog. But my absence is due to certain personal reasons. for the past few months, I have literally laboured to complete my bachelors degree program in my university. These past months have really been the most stressful couple of months I have experienced, my heart, mind, body have never seen such strenuous days and nights. I managed to stay happy, I literally made conscious efforts to stay happy, I held on to God’s word stronger than ever and he did not let me down. The people around have shown me the most love i have ever seen, from keeping in touch to staying up all night just to speak words of encouragement. Trust me, you are  blessed to have good company.

A few days ago, I got news that rocked me to my roots, news that brought me to my knees, it brought tears to my eyes, deep cuts to my heart. for days I stayed quiet, in bed, with tears streaming down my face, a few loved ones that got the news called me and were short of words to say, for my bitterness could know no comfort. I slept without food, I started falling ill, then I came to a realization that I was not alone! Haha! Imagine my joy! I picked myself up knowing that God Almighty makes a way where there seems to be no way! It is not going to be easy, oh no, it would be very difficult. People are going to talk/wonder/discuss, ah yes! Some friends would cut relations, some of course, not intentionally. My parents, oh, my lovely lovely parents, they would be broken to find out. But something I am sure of is that it is all for a season; for a short period. It is going to be just fine! I am going to rise again. My story would be as an inspiration to very many when this phase is passed. there is going to be a reason to celebrate, because I am not even close to giving up! I am going to shine so bright because I was born a star.

Yes, I would need all the help I can get, most importantly, I am going to need the help of the Most High. I pray for the strength to keep moving forward and strength for my parents to understand and keep believing in me. A lot of hard work and diligence would bring a person greatness, I am going to hold on to this. If by chance, you are reading this and you are in a difficult place right now, know that “You are not alone”. I know exactly how you feel and i know we are going to make it through, this is not the end for us. Pick yourself, let us run this race, don’t be discouraged, you know that throat-crushing pain you are felling, push it deep inside, let it be your driving force. The hurtful words flying around, let them become victory chants in your ears. You got this, we got this.

However, be sure to remember to go back to the roots, check what went wrong, check where it all started, note your mistakes, make a conscious effort to right your wrongs and build it all up from the very beginning on a stronger and surer foundation. Do not be afraid to get help, in fact, enjoy getting help, you don’t know it all, and it pays to learn from the mistakes of others than to make your own. talk to God, he listens and he is always available if only you yield yourself. cut off bad habits, bad habits could include; sleeping/eating patterns, bad friendships, impatience, procrastination and other vices,you would have to cross-examine yourself every now and again. Learn a new thing everyday, Read a BOOK. And you would notice the changes, you would feel yourself grow.

I promise not to be so far away this year. My talents are under construction and I am so excited, I can not wait to show them off, you would be able to boast then and say, “Yes, I know that Evelyn girl, I know where she started from, I am a part of her story.”